The hilarious milestone cards that all new dads need in their lives

First there were baby milestone cards –  cards that celebrate every special moment in bub’s first year of life, such as first smile, first word and first steps.

Then there were milestone cards designed just for mums – cards that celebrate those equally special occasions in every mum’s life, such as getting those skinny jeans halfway up your leg for the first time after giving birth and going an entire day without talking about baby poop.

And now, just in time for Father’s Day, we’ve discovered cards for dads. And they are the best celebration cards yet!

dad milestone cards proper 2

From the mums behind the magnificently popular Mum’s Milestone Cards comes a new addition to the family – milestone cards just for dads. Because dads deserve a bit of glory too.

dad milestone cards proper 4

From managing to get the portacot back into its pre-used condition (or almost), to surviving the morning after a big night out while being on baby duty, these cards cover every occasion in a dad’s first year on the job.

Aussie mums Becky Feiner and Esti Zilber came up with their fantastic father’s milestone cards after selling out of their Mum’s Milestone Cards.

“We felt it was only right to let Dad claim some victories,” the two mums from Sydney explain. Dad’s cards also come in a package of 25 and showcase some of our favourite moments in fatherhood.

dad milestone cards proper 5

You know, like bonding with your child via video games. And nailing the fine art of swaddling.

And let’s not forget the joyous occasion when Mum stops breastfeeding and Dad’s favourite assets are once again returned to him.

dad milestone cards proper1

And we’ve got a few others to add to the list, just in case Becky and Esti are looking for some more ideas:

  • Put a baby growsuit on the correct way.
  • Successfully massaged a milk duct.
  • Cleaned up baby vomit without vomiting.
  • Understood the difference between Iggle Piggle and Upsy Daisy.
  • Sang “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” without forgetting a single word.
  • Remembered the exact time and date of my child’s birth.
  • Got squirted in the mouth with breast milk. And survived.

dad milestone cards proper 3

You can pick up your own set of Dad’s Milestone Cards (pre-ordered to arrive just in time for Father’s Day in Australia) at Mums Milestones. Cards cost $29.95 and, like Mum’s Milestone Cards, a portion from the sale goes  to PANDA: Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia.

For more Father’s Day finds, explore our Father’s Day gift guides. And check out some more of our favourite articles just for Dad.

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