Midwife delivers baby of the baby she delivered 25 years earlier

Midwives are absolutely amazing and play such an important role in the birthing process for new mums. And this beautiful birth story has a delightful twist – the midwife that delivered new mum Brittany Ellard Perrymen’s baby also delivered Brittany 25 years earlier.

Caroline Ellard Perryman was certainly in good hands when she came into the world last month. In fact, she was delivered by the same midwife who delivered her own mum, Brittany, in 1990.

And now the story, as well as the images of midwife Daphney holding both baby Caroline (in 2016) and baby Brittany (in 1990) have gone viral.

Brittany posted the images and their story on Facebook and they are simply too sweet not to share:


“I would like to tell you all a little story about the nurse in the photos below. Her name is Daphney Jones Walker. On September 9, 1990, Dawn Ellard welcomed me into the world. My entire life, I have been told about Daphney. I’ve heard about how wonderful she was, how supportive and amazing she was…”

“Fast forward 25 years, 2 months and 29 days and there I was, with the nurse who helped deliver me.”

midwife twist 2

The three women, Brittany, Dawn and Daphney reunited while Brittany laboured with Caroline. After labouring all day (and Daphney heading home after her shift), Daphney returned back to work just in time for Caroline to be born.

“There I was, 25 years after she helped me take my first breath, relying on sweet Daphney. Trusting her when she said it would be okay, following her directions, listening to the blessings she was speaking over our Caroline. Caroline came that evening, with Daphney by our side,” Brittany writes.

Daphney, who works at Brookwood Medical Center in Alabama, has been a nurse for 41 years and has responded to the unexpected attention with humility and grace.

“It is all of you who make my day,” she wrote on Facebook. “I get to share such an important day with so many precious, wonderful families.”

This Facebook post is a lovely reminder of just how important midwives, nurses, doulas and support staff are in the delivery room.

What a beautiful way to remember such an momentous occasion for Brittany, Dawn and baby Caroline.

(via Babble)

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