Mibo ‘Wise Guys’ Owls – download and make these cute little guys

Right about now there would be some very bored little people around our country. The festive season is over and in our parts the rain has set in, making for some very unsettled children. It’s times like these people need a few projects in their lives and paper projects are great for older children to do independently, or for little ones to do with an adult.

Check out these adorable ‘Wise Guys’ from UK company Mibo. All you have to do is pay about US$2.45 via Paypal, wait for the PDF to be sent to you, and you can download and print off as many as you care to. Each owl takes about ten minutes to complete using the print out, scissors, glue and a ruler.

If you prefer, there are printed copies available from Mibo for about US$11.50. The homewares are well worth a look too.

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