MiaMily’s updated Hipster Plus baby carrier makes baby-wearing safer and more comfortable

MiaMily is a Swiss company on a mission to create the safest, most comfortable and functional baby carrier. The Hipster Plus 3D is the latest incarnation, and it’s as brilliant as it is beautiful.

The Hipster Plus 3D carrier has a built-in 3D hip seat so that whether your child is carried facing front, facing you or on your back, his hips are supported and his legs are in the correct “M position”. This carrier is MiaMily’s next generation carrier, and it’s got plenty of new features. The original Hipster was also funded on Kickstarter.

The Hipster Plus allows parents to carry their babies in six different ways. With the hip seat only, older babies can be carried facing out or in, or on the side. Using the Hipster Plus in the side-carry position means you don’t have to cock your hip out to support your baby. As someone who has a permanently sore right hip from doing just that, I think this would be a back-saver.

A back support and shoulder straps clip and zip into the hip seat so the Hipster Plus can be used as a traditional baby carrier, worn on your front or back.

MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D close

The hip strap relieves your shoulders from the baby’s weight, and MiaMily has added an extra large zipper pouch underneath that’s big enough for nappies, wipes, a wallet and maybe an extra onesie. The side pocket has also been enlarged to accommodate those enormous phones we all have.

The insulated back panel keeps babies warm in the winter, and zips off to help with airflow in the summer. For infants, MiaMily’s infant insert has a waist harness so it stays in place while you put the baby in the carrier. For older, drooly babies, there’s wide cotton guard that covers the whole front and snaps on and off so it can be washed easily.

MiaMily Hipster Plus 3D infant insert

The last update on the original Hipster is extended shoulder and waist straps so the Hipster Plus fits every parent comfortably.

If you pledge $120 to the Kickstarter campaign, you’ll get a Hipster Plus carrier, as well as a portable travel bag.

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