Melbourne family sues over alleged “dead mouse” in child’s SpongeBob biscuit


When a little girl opened her much-anticipated SpongeBob Squarepants biscuit, a dead mouse (allegedly) greeted her, staring wanly into her soul with his glassy, mousey eyes. It was an upsetting situation for everyone.

The dead eyes opened

We’ll admit we never dreamt of writing such a bonkers headline, but it’s worth noting that, for the family involved, this is no laughing matter. 

The startled mother and child who (allegedly) encountered poor-dead mousey back in February 2015 are apparently now in the grip of PTSD and suffering from a number of other mental health-related conditions.

Their traumatising bad mouse feels began when a seemingly joyful outing to their local discount shop morphed into what can only be described as a horror show.

“Nervous shock”

The 10-year-old girl and her mum unwittingly bought the allegedly mouse-riddled snack at The Reject Shop in Melbourne’s Caroline Springs.

They are now suing the retail chain, as well as the original supplier of the biscuit. The pair are seeking unspecified damages, saying The Reject Shop’s alleged negligence has caused them distress.

The Age reports that in the wake of their rodent encounter, the child and her mother both suffered “nervous shock from the incident, as well as a psychiatric injury, anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Which all sounds truly awful for this family.

Selfie time

The shocked family photographed the unpleasant “treat” as evidence, before returning to the place of purchase.

Unfortunately, when they explained they’d just been through the worst snack unboxing in the history of snack unboxings, The Reject Shop staff apparently lacked empathy. The family’s lawyer reveals staff simply laughed at the upset mum and child, saying there was little they could do about it now. #Rude

For what it’s worth, those further up the line in The Reject Shop’s management team were much more concerned about the mouse – and definitely not laughing.

They’ve launched an inquiry into the worrying escapade, saying it’s an isolated incident, but one they are taking very seriously. They’ve also withdrawn the suspect SpongeBob snack from sale.

Gosh. Quelle horreur! We’ll be watching this case closely – and will report back with any further news. Worst. Nightmare.

If you’d like to see the poor-dead mouse/SpongeBob situation – click through to The Age. It’s quite upsetting.


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