“Am I ovulating?!” Megan Gale opens up about her struggle to fall pregnant

Megan Gale

Model and (pregnant) mum-of-one Megan Gale has just had a long and revealing chat with lifestyle website Show and Tell, and she shared many of the tricky bits and triumphs of being a mum.

Slow going

Megan, who is mum to 3-year-old River with partner Shaun Hampson, sadly suffered a miscarriage in April 2016. She opened up about the difficult process of having another child.

“It took us six months of trying to conceive,” Megan told Show and Tell host Monty Diamond, agreeing that these efforts to fall pregnant were often a marathon rather than a sprint.

“It goes forever. It feels like it lasts forever,” Megan told Monty. She said that despite best efforts, those trying months strayed into stressful territory.

“As much as you head into it going – I’m going to keep it sexy, I’m going to keep it romantic, we’re not going to be like ‘quick it’s time’ – you can’t help going ‘Am I ovulating? What’s going on? Have we missed the window? Am I ovulating early? Am I ovulating late? I don’t know. How do I know?!'” she laughed.

Conception swagger

Early confident conception swagger quickly made way for the grind that baby-making can often be.

“I think in your first month or two you’re like ‘oh let’s just see what happens’ and you’re secretly going ‘I bet it’s going to happen!’ and then it doesn’t and you’re like ‘Oh!'” Megan said.

This overconfidence is often fuelled by blanket warnings about the ease of falling pregnant in our youth.

“When you’re a teenager it’s like ‘don’t have unprotected sex, you’ll fall pregnant immediately’ – and so you are terrified for years.”

But the realities of conception are different, as Megan explained.

“It’s just a marathon. So much has to align to fall pregnant,” she noted.

“I’m chilling out”

At the six month of trying to conceive mark, Megan settled in, in earnest, deciding a gentler approach might work better.

“I said right. I’m taking 3 weeks off. I’m chilling out. I was like ‘this is it, this is the month’ and it happened. Because we just sort of slowed everything down and stopped, it happened.”

Impatient to confirm what she felt she already knew, Megan busted out the pregnancy test as soon as was humanly possible.

“When I did the pregnancy test, it was just the faintest, faintest, faintest line. You could barely make it out and I said to Shaun ‘Is that a second line?’ and he’s like ‘I think it could be something. It might be the light?'” she revealed.

“I waited a couple of days – because that was like the day I was due – and I did it again and it was the faintest of faintest of lines and it never got stronger. I even would do it a week later and my period was late… never got stronger.”

It was only when she asked the experts that she could truly celebrate what she already knew.

“Eventually when I was about 6 weeks I went to the obstetrician and he was like ‘Oh yeah. You’re pregnant!'” Megan said.

Excellent news indeed!


Watch the full interview over at Show and Tell!

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