Megan Gale opens up about her miscarriage and urges us to “think twice”

megan gale

Megan Gale has shared details of the miscarriage she suffered in the eighth week of her pregnancy, in the hope that it’ll make other mums coping with baby loss feel less alone.

One in four

Miscarriage – the loss of a baby before the 20 week mark – affects at least one in four pregnancies, according to support service SANDS.

Megan and her partner, AFL player Shaun Hampson, have a 2-year-old son, River together.

The model mum became pregnant very quickly when trying to conceive their second child, a real surprise after trying for 6 months before falling pregnant with River.

“Something wasn’t right”

While the couple were obviously excited, Megan says her intuition told her something was amiss with this second pregnancy.

“About 10 days out from my eight week scan, I just felt in my bones something wasn’t right,” she told InStyle Magazine, The Daily Telegraph reports.

“I went into the scan and the obstetrician moved the ultrasound around my belly.”

“At one point he just stopped and said he was sorry but the baby was gone,” she remembers.

“The most challenging time”

Megan says that with overseas work commitments looming, she had to soldier on and try to cope as best she could, alone.

“There have been plenty of times in my life I’ve had to suck things up — but this was the most challenging time I’ve had to do that.”

“I came home from having a procedure, hugged my boy for a few hours and had to pack a bag and go. Not being around loved ones was really hard,” she recalls.

Open up

Megan hopes that there can be more sensitive dialogue about pregnancy and baby loss, revealing that within 48 hours of her miscarriage, she was asked when she was having a second baby by three different people.

It was upsetting, to say the least.

“You can imagine going through a miscarriage and being asked ‘When are you going to give River a brother or sister?’ and you’ve literally just lost a baby. How do you answer that question?” Megan said.


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Think twice

Megan hopes we can change these “default” and sometimes unintentionally upsetting baby-focused conversations we thrust on women.

“My wish is for people to perhaps be a little bit more sensitive to this topic,” Gale said.

“It seems like such a simple question: ‘when are you going to have a baby?’ or ‘when are you going to have another baby?’  but the ripple effect of emotions and unrest that it can cause someone, without you maybe even knowing it, is pretty huge.”

“If by doing this [interview] if I can at least have people maybe think ‘Do I need to ask them that? Do I need to know that? What have they been through that I am perhaps stirring up?'” Megan explained.

“They might think twice about putting the pressure on someone to answer something that they might find really hard to answer, whatever their personal story or reason is.”



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