Megan Gale keeps it real, sharing photo of her postpartum belly – from Fiji

Megan Gale

Model Megan Gale is on holidays in Fiji with her fiancé, AFL footballer Shaun Hampson, and the couple’s two children, River and Rosie – and she just shared a relatable belly shot celebrating a common pregnancy condition.

“A bit sad”

“I’m a bit sad my linea nigra (Latin for black line) on my tummy is almost gone,” a bikini-clad Megan posted from her poolside perch in beautiful and sunny Fiji.

“I love this little badge of honour as it’s one of my last little physical reminders of my pregnancy with Rosie. I LOVE that she’s out and with us but I’m missing being pregnant as well.”

For those who are catching up, the linea nigra is the dark line that runs down the centre of a pregnant woman’s belly.

It’s seen in around 3/4 of pregnancies, and is caused by the same hormones that trigger melasma and the darkened nipples many women experience.

The linea nigra is more obvious in women with darker pigmentation, and fades several months after pregnancy. As Megan sadly points out.

Life with Rosie

Megan’s daughter Rosie was born two months ago, a little sister for three-year-old River, and she is apparently quite the little traveller; sleeping and breastfeeding for the whole flight to Fiji (while River kept busy with an iPad and cuddly toy). 

It was a surprisingly relaxed trip, because things have gotten a lot more chaotic since adding a second baby to the mix.

“Life has become a helluva lot busier” since Rosie arrived, Megan says. “But life has also become so much better and [more] fulfilling.”

A life shared

Of Rosie’s name – Rosie May Dee Hampson – Megan says it came together all at once, and every little piece has significance.

“No other name seemed to suit her more than Rosie. And the name has a beautiful significance too, much like River’s. Rosie is a nod to my Nana (Dad’s Mum, Rosella), May is my Mum’s name, Dee is Shaun’s Mum’s name.”

Megan’s been sharing lots of sweet glimpses of life as a family of four on her Instagram account – especially in Stories (check those out). We feel a bit lucky to be a fly on the wall at Chez Hampson-Gale …

Here’s a tour of their delightful villa in Fiji – complete with portacot and big boy bed – and we really want in! 

Smooching with Rosie

Pool party

Sibling snuggles

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Baby's first hongi 😍 #riverandrosie

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Up all night

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When you've been up all night raging with your best girlfriend. We haven't known each other that long but she parties way harder than me. I really tried to keep up with her but she's an absolute party animal, drinks non stop pretty much all night long and when she's had too much, she just does a huge vom and keeps going. What a machine! And just when most of us are pulling up stumps and ready to sleep, she just keeps on going. She also has this quirky little habit of pooing and weeing on my hands in the 30 second window that her nappy is off. What a little kidder!! Like most party animals though she crashes out during the day so I just have to sleep when I can get it. I'm determined to keep up with her though. ❤️🌹 📷: @shampson_

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Date night

Guinea pig life

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la famiglia #guineapig

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