Mega Bloks Scooping Wagon gets top marks with mums

A wagon that provides hours of fun for little ones (and has the ability to pick up after itself) – we’ve found it. And we got 24 mums to test it out. Find out what our panel of parents thought about the Mega Bloks Block Scooping Wagon.


24 busy mums. 24 excited one-year-olds. Seven older siblings. And one toy – the Mega Bloks Block Scooping Wagon, complete with 20 colourful blocks, a toy box compartment, wheels and a block scooping feature that ‘sucks’ up the blocks after play time is over.

We know – amazing! And we’re not the only ones who think so. Here’s what our mums had to say:


“This product is pure genius!” – Alicia

All of our mums agree that blocks are the perfect toy for busy little builders and that they enjoyed watching their little ones play with the product.

23 of our 24 mums would recommend the Block Scooping Wagon to a friend and gave the wagon a four or five out of five. “I have already told so many friends about it and I know the kids will continue to have so much fun getting creative with it,” Alicia writes.

The same number also agreed that the Block Scooping Wagon helped to develop their children’s fine motor skills and 20 out of our 24 mums agreed that they were able to get things done around the house while their little one was entertained by it.

For mum Emma, the wagon meant plenty of independent play as her little one loved “pushing the wagon around the house.” Natalie’s son, James “was fascinated with being able to move the wagon around and he enjoyed taking the blocks out and throwing them back in again.”

And Alicia tells us, “the Scooping Wagon has definitely been the go to activity at play time in our house.”


“A great first birthday present” – Courtney

When you get inside the head of a toddler it’s easy to see why the Block Scooping Wagon is such a success. Toddlers love to stack blocks; they love to play with colourful toys; they love to open and close compartments. And they love to wheel things around the house.

The Mega Bloks Block Scooping Wagon offers them all this and more.

Rebecca’s little man, Benjamin “liked taking [blocks] out of the wagon and putting them back in”, while Courtney’s tribe enjoyed “building super tall towers and knocking them over”.

Jacqui’s daughter, Charlotte, enjoyed everything about the Scooping Wagon including “the handle [building] section. We would build towers and she would knock them down and then put her blocks away again.”

For little ones learning to walk, the wagon is a walking-aid, assisting with balance and coordination. And why not sit in it as well?  Isabella not only enjoyed playing with the blocks, but also climbing in and out of the wagon. “She would sit in it to watch TV or eat,” mum Claire tells us.


“Wheels are a winner here!” – Emma

While the little ones happily wheeled the wagons around (or climbed into them), our mums agree the best feature of the Block Scooping Wagon is its ability to pick up the blocks! When your child pushes the wagon over the blocks, the magical Scooping Wagon scoops them up.

The big blocks are perfect for little hands on their first building adventures, and of course the set is compatible with the rest of the Mega Bloks first builder range.


We’re thrilled our mums and their kids had so much fun with the Mega Bloks Block Scooping Wagon! You can pick up yours at Target for $39 (just in time for Christmas!).

(This is a sponsored post for Mattel)

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