Meet Ollie and Cameron – two regular little boys, regardless of their chromosome count

Watch one of their many adorable videos and you’ll get it. Darling twin boys, both with Down syndrome, playing happily together, without a care in the world. Their mum, after speaking to student doctors about being a parent of a child with Down syndrome, puts it best when she says she just wants the doctors to remember her boys and their “cheeky faces if they ever have to break the news to a parent that their child has Down syndrome”.

Ollie and Cameron are the new social media sensations. Their Facebook page, run by their mum Elaine Scougal, has more than 152,000 likes, sparked by the now infamous ‘roaring’ video of the boys roaring like lions at each other, wearing nothing but nappies and smiles from ear to ear – it has been watched seven million times since being uploaded three weeks ago.

Now each follower waits for the latest updates on the lives of the Scottish two-year-olds, the page providing a source of support for new parents receiving a diagnosis of Down syndrome and for the public to learn more about the condition from reading and watching what the twins get up to.


The Ollie and Cameron page was started when the boys were two weeks old and its popularity is growing rapidly.

“We realised early on that there was still a lot of ignorance and stereotypes out there,” Elaine says. “So after a couple of weeks of hearing some comments from medical professionals and the general members of the public, I thought ‘how can we address this and make people see that our children are not a diagnosis? They are children, and should be seen as individuals’.”


“We share stories and videos and pictures about their development and what they’re up to and the crazy things they do at home,” she says. “People can see they’re just two little boys regardless of their chromosome count.”

Sharing the ‘roaring’ video was “just another video”, one of the new posts shared every week on the page, Elaine says. “But this one was hilarious, so I thought it might get a wee bit more attention because it was such a funny moment. It did just completely spark off, which has been great for people to see these two little boys, who happen to have an extra chromosome, running about like any other toddler.”


She hopes the attention means people will stay with the page to see her boys grow, helping to raise more awareness. Watch the ‘roaring’ video below and just try not to find the twins’ joy infectious:

(images via the Ollie and Cameron Facebook page)

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