Meet the Muslim doll breaking plastic stereotypes on Instagram

We’ve told you about Acne Barbie. We’ve welcomed you to Normal Ken. And now it is our pleasure to introduce you to the latest doll breaking down stereotypical barriers – Hijarbie.

Come and meet Instagram’s newest fashion icon and the first Muslim fashion doll.

In a world where toys often simulate reality, it seems unnatural that our children are only seeing one side of society.

This is exactly why 24-year-old Haneefah Adam of Nigeria designed a doll that resembled what she (and millions of others) see as ‘normal’ – a doll who wears modest clothing that covers her body and a hijab that covers her hair.


I’m Haneefah Adam (@muslimahanie) a Nigerian and I’m behind #Hijarbie! I also currently own and run a modest lifestyle brand, Hanie (@haniecollection). If you’d like to ask me anything. I’d do my best to answer them now. Meanwhile, some FAQs. Why isn’t the page diversified in terms of race: The simple truth is, I couldn’t find the Different types in Nigeria (no Amazon or eBay or anything, Lol), I’d have loved to dress up a black doll myself too. I’ve ordered for some internationally and they’ll soon be here 😅 I basically started with what I had. When will purchase be possible: As soon as possible, we are in the process of building a website and working towards production and making hijarbie available for purchase soon. By the way, where are my followers from? xx

A photo posted by Mini Hijab Fashion! (@hijarbie) on

Like many of us, Hijarbie loves fashion, loves spending time with her friends and loves posing for photos on social media.

However, Hijarbie isn’t just an Instagram account designed for a doll. She is a symbol of acceptance and hard work put forth by one very talented young woman.

In past interviews, Haneefah explains that the reason she started Hijarbie’s Instagram account is to show young girls that there is an alternative to the traditional Barbies out there.

“I want [girls] to be inspired — this is about having an alternative and creating an awareness of having toys that adopts your religion and culture and in your own likeness, which at the end of the day, leads to an improvement in self-esteem.”


#Squad #🌸 #🌻 #🌺 #hijarbiestyle Tag your squad.

A photo posted by Mini Hijab Fashion! (@hijarbie) on

The Hijarbie clan, complete with women of different skin tones, are elegant, beautiful and a wonderful addition to any child’s toy box or adult doll collection.

And Hijarbie is proving to be quite the fashion icon and social media superstar.

She has over 70,000 followers on Instagram and stays on trend with the latest fashions and news, even emulating recent Olympians in her designer duds.


Dedicated to the women inspiring Muslim girls all over the world at the #Olympics!!❤️ Do you recognise them?

A photo posted by Mini Hijab Fashion! (@hijarbie) on

Haneefah designs all the outfits herself and finds her inspiration from popular Muslim fashion bloggers.

It is through her inspirational dolls and her many fashionable outfits that Haneefah hopes to help Muslim children develop a sense of identity and value.

“They become more confident, more driven, they believe more in themselves, which leads to an appreciation of herself and her modest lifestyle and upbringing. Instead of dressing up her dolls in clothes she wouldn’t wear, hijabifying it will create a sense of belonging and hopefully make a positive impact.”


#Hijarbie meets @dianpelangi! She’s wearing one of her creations from @dianpelangicom here 💜

A photo posted by Mini Hijab Fashion! (@hijarbie) on

While our world has not quite embraced the cultural differences and the right for people to wear whatever they want (on the bus, on the beach or anyway else), it is refreshing to see Hijarbie gaining in popularity.

She is now available for sale at Ibraheem Toy House, an online toy store based in the UK.


Wake up and smell the flowers. It’s a beautiful Friday, may we get the full benefits and blessings of today. #hijarbiestyle

A photo posted by Mini Hijab Fashion! (@hijarbie) on

This isn’t the first time someone has dared to step outside the plastic mould and design a doll that dares to defy the stereotype.

Check out Lamilly’s collection of ‘average’ dolls including their doll that comes complete with a monthly period and their latest Ken doll who “may not have a six pack, but he does have a fantastic sense of humour”.

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