Medbasics because first aid knowledge is power


The very thought of a child drowning, choking, having a serious fall, breaking a bone, bleeding or losing consciousness is enough to have my heart in my throat and butterflies in the pit of my stomach. As a parent these are things we don’t think will ever happen to us, but sometimes unfortunately they do and all we can do as responsible parents is be as prepared as we possibly can.

Baby Medbasics provides us with the information we would need for the most common accidents and illnesses for children aged newborn to one year. Of course our first instinct is to ring emergency services or a doctor, but what else can you do while you wait for that ambulance to arrive or before bundling your little one in the car to take to the hospital?  With Medbasics on hand, you will know what to do in those first few moments.

Medbasics is written by a husband and wife team, both health professionals and parents. They know what we need to know and have published it for us to have at our fingertips. The book is practical to use: it’s spiral bound so sits flat on the floor or bench – so there’s no needing one hand to keep the book open; it’s also divided into sections using coloured tabs and bold type so everything is easy to find.

Available in two sizes and three colour choices, there’s a Home Medbasics perfect for keeping in a handy place for all caregivers to see. In addition to the Home edition, there’s the Travel Medbasics, which is smaller in size with a clip to attach to a pram or nappy bag (because accidents don’t just happen at home!).

Medbasics is priced at US$35 for the Home pack and US$25 for the Travel pack. Coming soon to Australia or if you’re lucky enough to be there, pick one up in the US!

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