Mawok – rocking that baby right off to sleep


We’ve all sat up in the dead of night rocking our newborn to soothe and comfort baby off to sleep. Frankly, it’s exhausting, especially if the job falls mainly to one person who then has to care for baby all day as well. Some babies are more difficult to soothe than others, with long periods of extended crying, so when rocking them means hours of awake time through the wee hours, then Mawok is your godsend.

Most babies respond favourably to all kinds of rocking, whether it’s side to side or up and down. This fab hammock ingeniously rocks baby up and down so that sleep comes more quickly and you can get some shut-eye. It’s supremely transportable, with your choice of a door mount or a permanent wall mount, and perfect for compact abodes where swinging from side to side means you need more space than you actually have. There are no frames to trip on in the darkness, and the Mawok is styled beautifully to fit with Babyologists’ excellent taste.

It weighs a tiny three kilograms and can be neatly packed into the gorgeous bag it comes with. Take it travelling so baby has a familiar place to sleep and can be easily soothed in an unfamiliar environment. Choose from orange and brown fabric colourways, which feature sweet little monkeys in Scandinavian graphic style.

The price currently converts to AUD$360 plus shipping, from Mawok. Watch how quick and easy the Mawok is to pack up!

(Via Kids Haus)

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