Marriage counsellor tells husband to help clean and cook

dad cooking with daughter

A marriage counsellor seems to have done wonders in just one session, telling a husband to help with the cooking and cleaning. In a hilariously frank post, Australian blogger Constance Hall shares how the sound advice to her husband’s workmate was received.

On Facebook she recounted the conversation she had with the workmate called Dan, as he reflected on the counsellor’s words.

The basic gist is Dan has been told that all chores or responsibilities outside regular working hours should be split evenly.

“Our counsellor said that I should consider my working hours at work to be her working hours at home and anything that needs to be done outside of these hours is overtime and we both need to do that together,” he tells Constance.

Makes total sense to us. See the full post here.

Constance saw the funny side of Dan’s apparent epiphany.

“Hang on… So your counsellor said that it isn’t fair for you to do eight hours work a day and your wife to do 24? Mind. Blown,” Constance writes.

Is this what happens at your place? Both parents share the chores? Or does mum keep at it long after the kids have gone to bed, while dad relaxes on the couch with a beer. We’d love to know how it works for you.

Dan is not the first husband to take some time to realise mums have a pretty tough gig. Brad Kearns had us all in stitches as he recounted the struggles he faced stepping into his wife’s shoes when she was admitted to hospital.

(via Facebook)

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