Mark Zuckerberg’s baby workout under fire for being ‘unsafe’

A video of Mark Zuckerberg working out with his toddler in a baby carrier on his back has come under fire from the internet, over concerns the Facebook founder was putting his daughter at risk.

Daddy-daughter workout

It’s lovely when you see dads enjoying their children’s company, and including them in everyday things like workouts. But when Mark Zuckerberg posted a cute video that showed him working out with his daughter, Max, in a carrier on his back, he came under intense scrutiny from other parents citing a concern for Max’s safety. Many believed it was a dangerous manoeveur without providing proper support for her neck as he performed the pull-ups. 

Mr Zuckerberg posted the video on his Facebook profile on Friday, and it has since been viewed over 3 million times. 

In the video, Mr Zuckerberg easily manages several pull-ups with his 16 month old daughter, Max strapped to his back.

“As soon as I finish she yells ‘More! More!’” he says, “Easily the most demanding trainer I’ve ever had.” 

Harsh criticism

Many commenters praised the happy dad for spending quality time and encouraging a healthy pursuit like exercise with his daughter. Others, however, were quick to point out that little Max may be unsafe in her baby carrier – mostly because of the way she lets her head drop back during the exercise.

“What are you doing to that poor child – his head is ‘flopping’ back – doing him damage!”, declares one commenter who clearly doesn’t realise that Max is a little girl. “He doesn’t seem to me that he is enjoying it at all!… You should know better as a father!”

Another said, “Mark you may be smart with computers but when it comes to children’s safety you’re an idiot.The baby’s neck is dangling not good.learn some child care and don’t be a show off.”

Ouch. That’s fairly judgemental stuff towards a dad who is simply enjoying some quality time with his daughter.

Unsafe workout?

He’s not without his supporters, though, with one reply summing up what many had to say: “The baby will be fine. This is a kind of dad thing which mums always moan about. oh it is dangerous , oh it is dirty, oh it is not good. But eventually, it is OK for dads to have fun with the kids in a different way. Mark is not doing this for hours. I believe that he is just showing you can do exercise with kids together.”

It looks like Mark is big on babywearing and Max seems to enjoy it just as much, as this recent photo from New Orleans’ Mardi Gras shows.

Photo: Facebook

Of course we know that neck support is extremely important for babies, but by approximately six months, babies should have enough neck muscle and control to hold their head steady on their own. At 16 months of age, Max would be quite able to support her own head if she had chosen to, though it does look a little precarious and uncomfortable from a viewer’s perspective.

As many readers point out, Zuckerberg’s movements are slow and steady, with no jerking or thrashing involved, and little Max seems perfectly happy. 

Meanwhile, who knew Mark Zuckerberg was so fit!?

What do you think? Is Mark Zuckerberg really putting his daughter at risk with this workout? Or is it a bit of an over-reaction to an innocent video?

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