Marbotic – a clever learning tool that combines the old and the new

My son has recently discovered that telling me he wants to play a ‘learning game’ is a pretty solid way of getting some iPad time. 

The thing is, it’s not even a ruse. He’s not just trying to get my iPad so he can sneakily watch Octonauts in the corner – there are just some really fun ABC and counting apps out there. 

So I find myself torn. Part of me doesn’t want him to spend too much time in front of a screen, but the other part of me loves that he’s having fun learning. 

Marbotic Smart Numbers (€34.99) and Smart Letters (€49.99) were designed by a French mother who believes that learning is about the body as well as the brain. The sets combine the use of physical blocks with iPad apps, aiming to mix object-based learning with the tech experience. 

Marbotic r

While apptivity toys (physical objects that interact with your iPad) are not a new concept, it’s fun to see them applied to learning. With Marbotic, the technology is effectively used to ‘stamp’ the letter or number onto the screen with the wooden letters or numbers. Each package comes with a set of blocks and access to three compatible apps, with various places to use the blocks.

Marbotic girl

As well as interacting with the apps, you could also use the letters and numbers without the screen and create your own games. 

marbotic letters

Smart Letters and Smart Numbers are compatible with most Apple tablets, and are available through Marbotic. Or find them locally via Keld Industries.

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