Man’s ‘why my wife is crying’ list strikes a chord with softies everywhere

reasons my wife is crying reddit user

Gratitude is the poster child of the mindful life brigade, but this husband proves that simply paying attention could prove just as life-affirming and relationship-improving.

“My wife cries”

Twitter user and author, TechnicallyRon explains it better than we ever could.

“My wife cries at absolutely anything. I mean, ANYTHING. So I started writing the reasons down because reasons,” he posted on Twitter with an accompanying snapshot of his work-in-progress list.

It read a little something like this:

  • She found out swans can be gay and thought it was really nice.
  • She was hungover and saw a picture of a piglet.
  • I waited until it was dark and pretended to be the Babadook.
  • The fluffy bunny escaped from an Arctic fox in a documentary.
  • There were no biscuits in the house.
  • She remembered swans can be gay.
  • I tried to hold her hand when she wasn’t expecting it.
  • I cooked her dinner after a long day.
  • She watched a video about a dog.



Floodgates opened

This opened the floodgates, of course, as others revealed similarly serious reasons for having a good sob. We KNOW you want to know what they were. Here are some of them. You. Are. Welcome.

  • I just cried at a small horse pulling a cart.
  • (My wife cried because I was) pretending to throw a rat at her.
  • I cried the other night because my husband wanted ice cream but I’d eaten it all.
  • (My wife cried because I) jumped out of a box while she was moving house.
  • My wife cries when we watch a cartoon with an extinct animal in it. Ice Age is right out.
  • My daughter-in-law cried in a teashop because ‘all the pretty teapots’.

Later, TechnicallyRon posted an updated list. It involves guinea pigs…

more reasons my wife is crying

As someone who cries at flashmobs, people opening mail, strangers being reunited at airports, animals helping other animals and people doing kind things, I totally understand this man’s wife.

Further, I consider everything on the list completely sob-worthy and extremely emotional and am certain she is a very good egg.

In the spirit of this heartfelt and sustained sobbing, I’m going to watch a video of a piglet now.

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