Man-Bun Ken and “Curvy” Barbie! Mattel’s new Barbie and Ken are more diverse

Fashionista Barbie Range

Mattel have just released a whole bunch of new Barbie and Ken dolls, aiming to better represent “even more skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, and fashions for Barbie and Ken,” as well as curvier and broader body shapes.


Granted the curvy Barbie is not very curvy AT ALL and labelling her so is ill-advised and possibly detrimental, but perhaps this is the beginning of something better? We’re crossing our fingers for a MUCH more accurate representation of different body shapes and types – including actual plus-size bodies – in the very near future. Some fashionista dolls with disabilities or less conventional gender identities could be the very next on this list, couldn’t they?! Please, Mattel?! We know you can do it!

(As an aside, PRI reports that Mattel DID introduce a Barbie who used a wheelchair – Share-a-Smile Becky – way back in 1997, but her chair didn’t fit through the Barbie house door and she was quickly discontinued, despite apparently selling 6000 dolls in the first two weeks of release.)

Barbie Fashionista Dolls

A “curvy” Barbie

Apart from these new  “broader” and “curvier” dolls, there are also petite and tall dolls, and even a lady Barbie with short hair! Gasp!

Mattel have also included a variety of different skin tones and eye colours in this range, which is awesome.

“Ultimate storytelling experience”

Mattel’s New Crew Fashionista dolls aim to provide kiddos with a more diverse mix of characters to play with, hoping to take playing Barbies to the “next level” the company says:

“Introducing the New Crew–the most diverse Fashionistas lineup to date–offering even more skin tones, eye colors, hairstyles, and fashions for Barbie and Ken! With 3 body types for Ken: broad, slim, and original, fans have more choices for the ultimate storytelling experience.”

The just-unveiled dolls are a welcome progression for the basic Barbie and Ken we’re used to and hopefully just the beginning of more accurate representations of body image and identity for kids who love playing with these dolls.

We’re super-glad to see the company are working on adding characteristics every little person can see in their own families and friends to these popular dolls.

Here’s hoping they take this next-level range to an even more inclusive next-level!


Barbie Fashionista Dolls Barbie Fashionista Dolls Barbie Fashionista Dolls Barbie Fashionista DollsBarbie Fashionista Dolls


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