Man booted from café after telling breastfeeding mum to cover up


We’ve heard countless stories about breastfeeding mums being unlawfully asked to leave venues, but this story proves that times are changing. A man who complained about a young mother breastfeeding at an Australian café soon found himself drinking his coffee from a takeaway cup.  

Queensland cafe Cheese and Biscuits prides itself as a breastfeeding-friendly venue, and is often a gathering place for local mothers’ groups.

Owner Jessica-Anne Allen tells The Age she was only doing what was right when she asked a customer to leave after he asked a breastfeeding customer to cover up.

She says a middle-aged man had ordered a coffee, then returned to the counter to inform her there was a breastfeeding mother at the café, and she may want to ask her to “cover up”.

Ms Allen says she told the man they were a breastfeeding friendly business and that he was welcome to sit elsewhere inside the cafe if it bothered him, but when she went to deliver his coffee to the outdoor courtyard, she noticed the young woman was upset.

Ms Allen explains on the business’ Facebook page, “We were mortified… when someone asked us to say something to the young mother, when we politely declined and informed the customer that we were breastfeeding friendly, they then took it upon themselves to say something”.

“When I put his coffee down, he mentioned that he said something to her and that the next time I should probably ask her to cover up,” Ms Allen told The Age. “So I informed him I would rather ask him to leave, and I took his coffee and put it in a take away container and asked him to leave.”


Ms Allen likened the incident to bullying, and has called on other businesses to take the same supportive stance on breastfeeding.

In Australia, under the federal Sex Discrimination Act, it is illegal to discriminate against a person, either directly or indirectly, on the grounds of breastfeeding.

What do you think, should business-owners defend their breastfeeding customers?

(via The Age)

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