Man attacks new mum for breastfeeding in public – and how these people rush to protect her and her baby is beautiful

A mum has filmed the amazing moment that staff and shoppers at a Target store came to her aid, after she was lambasted by a man offended by her breastfeeding. She claims the man confronted her as she fed her daughter, swearing and telling her to go somewhere else, so she started filming. But what happened next was heartwarming.

Jessie Maher explains in a Facebook post that the man approached her while she was breastfeeding in the near-empty in-store cafeteria and angrily demanded she do it somewhere else, telling her she’s ‘nasty’ – and worse. The Connecticut mum filmed the exchange – and some of the man’s rant – on her phone.

“Because I’m feeding my baby, this man is going crazy. And I’m shaking,” she says, in the video.

But what happens next is beautiful. Before long Jessie and her infant are among a protective circle of Target employees who stop the man from attacking the feeding mum, and eventually usher him away.

“Look at all these wonderful people coming to my aid,” she says, tears obvious in her voice as she sits nursing her baby girl.

“You have nothing to be ashamed of,” one woman says to Jessie, as she turns to face the bully and protect the nursing mamma.

“He has no right to be doing what he’s doing. You have a baby in your hands. You shouldn’t be ashamed for feeding your baby – he can go the other way.”

It’s a true display of the village mentality – that we are all raising and protecting each other’s children. Take a look for yourself, but a warning – you may want to make sure the kids aren’t within earshot:

Since posting the video, Jessie says she been overwhelmed by support, and hopes she’s made a difference.

“Mamas have opened up and told me their stories, they’ve said they stand by me, they understand what I went through because they too have been in public with a screaming baby…some run home and deal with the screaming baby, some hide in a bathroom, some sit down and cover up with a blanket, some sit in a hot car.” she writes.

“This is all in fear of the reactions we get, wether (sic) it is a dirty look or the extreme situation that I endured yesterday. I choose to openly breastfeed my child whenever and wherever she happens to be hungry. I choose not to cover up because I am not ashamed of what my breasts are intended for. I stand with all mamas breastfeeding, bottle feeding, covered or not. It is hard enough being a mother, period. We need to build new mothers up not tear them down.”

breastfeeding mum target

The amazing act of solidarity from strangers echoes the recent story of a breastfeeding mum who was moved by the kindness of a woman who cut up her food while she was breastfeeding.

We also recently reported about the radio host who prompted a social media storm when he publicly shamed a breastfeeding mum and the mum who stood up for herself when a stranger posted a picture of her breastfeeding in public and labelled it inappropriate.

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