Mama Merit Badges – helping mums survive the tricky bits!

Mama Merit Badges

Mama Merit Badges

We’re all things to all people. We’re mums. And we deserve a medal, right? Or at least some form of recognition – how about a badge of merit?

Mama Merit Badges are a crafty way to give yourself, or a special mum in your life, a pat on the back for a job well done. They’re also a clever way to remember mummy milestones.

In the same way a boy scout or girl guide earns badges for mastering certain skills, so too should mums. How about toilet training a demanding, stubborn, cheeky, uncooperative toddler? That’s a skill! Or what about being able to change a nappy-explosion with one hand, while on the phone to your mother-in-law with the other (ok, I may be drawing on personal experience here). I know that deserves a merit badge!

Mama Merit Badges

There’s the shopping badge, for mastering the elusive, but highly regarded skill of shopping with kids – whether it be a fussy baby or whiny toddler. There’s a beautiful cupcake badge, perfect for those Babyology mums who’ve had their extraordinary birthday parties featured in our Show Us Your Party posts.

A couple of my favourites are the pregnancy and breastfeeding badges. Both beautiful and amazing skills – most certainly worth recognising. And the dads don’t miss out – there’s a stunning seahorse badge, giving a shout out to fabulous fathers. The badges are iron-on, and have a myriad of uses, from decorating nappy bags to scrapbooking.

The Mama Merit Badges are $US5 each, or $US55 a set, and shipping to Australia is available.

Mama Merit Badges

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