Maker Kit – the wearable that kids build and code themselves

Combine a bit of wearable technology, a coding platform and imagination, and you get something that goes far beyond the limits of the sky.

Mover wrist wearable

The Mover Kit is a world first in educational wearables that kids make and code by themselves. It was created by Technology Will Save Us, the brilliant minds behind the DIY Gamer Kit for future game developers and the DIY Synth Kit for future electronic musicians.

The Mover Kit is ideal for kids aged eight and above. It teaches them the fundamentals of electronics, and opens the door to a world of programming. There are people who say that one day, knowing how to code will be as important as knowing how to read, and the Mover Kit helps to make sure our kids can keep up in that kind of future.

Mover Kit pieces

Out of the box, the Mover Kit is a puzzle of parts – there’s a circuit board, rainbow LED lights, a motion sensor, compass, USB connector, rechargeable battery, a bracelet and a lanyard. Constructing these elements into a portable piece of technology is simple, and once it’s built, kids can get it moving.-  snap it on their wrist, on the dog, attach it to a scooter. The technology is wearable so that kids can do what they do best: move.

Mover Kit planning

Using the online code platform, Make, and a visual, block-based programming language, kids can invent their own modes by coding the motion sensor, compass and rainbow lights. The code blocks tell the Mover Kit to do things. For example, when the wearer completes 100 jumps, flash the rainbow lights. Kids can gamify anything like chasey, scooter racing, tooth brushing.

Mover Kit FAmily

Support the Mover Kit on Kickstarter. A pledge of US$55 or more will get the early bird Mover Kit and online Make platform, and US$110 will get you a kit for yourself and one for a friend.

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