Make any cup spill-proof with the SipSnap lid for kids

Here’s another brilliant invention to file under “why didn’t I think of that?”. A drinking lid that turns any cup into a spill-proof cup for kids. Anywhere, any time. Genius.

Let me assure you from the outset that although this is Kickstarter project, it has met and exceeded its monetary goal. And it’s pretty obvious why. SipSnap is a great idea – plain and simple. The lids are made from BPA and phthalate free silicone and are dishwasher safe. They can be attached to any tumbler or cup by stretching the lid over the top. Here’s how it works:

SipSnap, produced by Double Double, are great things to throw into your bag and have handy for restaurants or visits to friends’ homes. There are two versions, the SipSnap TOT – which is like a traditional sippy cup with spout and the SipSnap KID, which is used with a straw.



And because of the silicone that’s used, which fits snugly over any cup – they are spill-proof. The SipSnap even has a roll-stop bumper which means even if the cup is tipped over it won’t roll off the table.


The SipSnap Kickstarter only has a few days to go, so jump on board if you want to pick up a set for a discounted price, before they enter full production. If you pledge US$20 or more (plus US$6 shipping) you get a set of three SipSnaps and a carry case, with delivery due around August. Also have a look at Double Double’s great bamboo cups, which are dishwasher safe and biodegradable.


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