Make anything you like with Makedo

Makedo system

Makedo system

Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy making things with my kids but it’s the mess that puts me off. So this nifty set makes me very happy.The simplest of ideas but just brilliant, Makedo is a connector system which lets you and your little one make all sorts of things from any material.

It consists of three parts – a connector, a hinge and a building tool. They fix and ensure the safe construction of pretty much anything your child’s imagination can come up with. No more glue, sticky tape or sharp scissors – how refreshing and non-messy!

Makedo system

Get yourself some Makedo, add some of the wonderful wheels of Rolobox – featured on Babyology before – and the sky’s the limit where creativity is concerned.

Prices for Makedo start at US$25 for one basic kit ,which is enough to get started, and go up to $120 if you want to make something really big!  Shipping is free. Check out the handy video below to see just how it’s done.

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