Magnifier Cupholder Clip means messy mealtimes are over


Children are diabolical when it comes to making messes, partly because they do things that are so completely crazy, parents don’t even see it coming. Your baby might reach a chubby hand out and smear a handful of ricotta in your hair at lunchtime, or your toddler might decide that the DVD player is a good hiding place for his crackers.

The dance between parent and child can be a tricky one, so anything designed to foil kids’ plots to throw the household into turmoil is our favourite.


Take for example the Magnifier Cupholder Clip (US $17.60) by rcube. Clip one side to your table or highchair, pop a snack cup or drink bottle into the rubber-lined holder, and voila! Nothing gets spilled, and one point goes to parent. For the sake of morale, we need as many points as we can get.

Now your silky-haired angel with her gummy grin will have to think of a new way to dump all her blueberries on the floor. Until she does, the Magnifier Cupholder Clip has bought us some time.

They’re available from Bymedesign and shipping to Australia is US$8.

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