Magnetic chalkboards – useful and fun


I’ve had emotional issues with chalkboards in the past; they revive bad memories of homework and arithmetic. And the whole fingernails-down-the-blackboard thing gives me chills. But these days, I admit that a chalkboard could be useful for the many notes I ought to write to myself, my husband and the babysitter (and of course for my son to scrawl his abstract artworks on).

French design company Jm’2 has convinced me that useful can also be fun. Jm’2 has moved away from the classic rectangular and square shapes of school balckboards and created some funky designs. The ‘Aquarium’ with its little goldfish, for example, would look great in an urban home; its dimensions (35cm long and 45cm wide) are also sensible enough to allow for plenty of little reminders.

Another favourite of mine is the ‘Cartoon Bubble’: you might put one of these on the wall for each family member and have some fun creating and recreating dialogues!

The Jm’2 graphic magnetic chalkboards come with a sponge and piece of chalk. A list of retailers who stock the chalkboards can be found at Jm’2.


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