Lunchskins sure are the prettiest way to go green!

I’ve gone a bit bonkers on reuseable food wrapping since it dawned on me that in less than six months I will have a school-aged child. As a teacher, every day I see hundreds of pieces of disposable packaging going into the bins and sometimes straight onto our school grounds. It really got me thinking about how I want my children to behave environmentally, and it all starts with us as parents.

Once I had eyed those fabulous Lunchskins up there, I knew I had to have them. We’ve been happily using them for a few weeks and now those zip-lock plastic bags are a thing of the past. My son already knows these can’t be thrown in the bin and knows why we’ve gone this way as a family. Can you imagine how much rubbish one child’s lunch will generate over thirteen years of schooling? A whole lot.

I’m openly encouraging Babyology readers to take up this worthy system of food packaging – all of the lunch bags at Reuseable Bags are made from safe, food-grade materials and plastics which can even be put in the dishwasher! You also don’t have to compromise on personal style with those gorgeous prints.

Shipping from the US is barely more than we’d pay within Australia, so peruse the wide range of reuseable lunch and snack bags and make your kids the environmental role models at school!  Also be sure to read the ‘Waste-free Lunches: Facts, Tips and Basic Facts’ article.


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