Lucky mum gives birth in 3 minutes, after work, with no pain

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This mum’s super-speedy and pain-free birth story sounds like a unicorns and rainbows fairy tale, but it’s 100 per cent true!

Birth goals

If you get to choose your birth experience, can we sign up for this one, please?!

Gloucester childcare worker Kat Smith (36) shared her birth story with UK newspaper The Sun and it’s got all the expectant ladies bookmarking it with the #BirthGoals hashtag.

Not only did the mum-of-three birth her baby just 28 minutes after leaving work, she says she felt no pain as she delivered her little boy in the bath, while talking to her husband on the phone!

History of long labours

Kate had been nervous about this third labour experience. Her first two sons, with husband Neil, took 15 and 18 hours to deliver and she assumed that baby number three would bring more of the same. She could not have been more wrong.

“I got in the bath to relax and got out with a baby. I couldn’t believe it. There was no pain at all, just a bit of pressure and suddenly my baby was in the bath with me. I still can’t believe it,” Kat told The Sun.

“My first two labours were awful, I never believed it could be possible to give birth so quickly and with no pain. It’s like it never even happened.”

Prior to this third little guy, Kat and Neil had decided their family was complete and Kat had applied to be an egg donor, in an effort to help others who were struggling to conceive. The couple were using condoms, to optimise Kat’s natural fertility, and before they knew it they’d added a final child to their ‘complete’ family!

“It was a surprise, we wanted to help childless couples but ended up pregnant ourselves, but we were both thrilled,” Kat laughed.

Familiar feelings

Kat went into labour four days before her due date. Feeling a familiar ‘niggling’ she decided to leave work (at 10.45am) and see what unfolded.

“I’d felt similar sensations when I woke that morning and told my husband to keep his phone with him at work in case, but I thought it was to be expected as I was nearing my due date. I certainly wasn’t in any pain. I knew that my labour would take so long anyway that I wasn’t worried,” Kat explains.

At 11.05am, Kat hopped in the bath to help herself relax and texted a friend to pop by for a chat.

In a hurry

Five minutes later, as she relaxed in the bath, her baby’s head popped out.

“There had still been absolutely no pain, I just felt a pressure down below and a need to push. My body just took over and pushed,” Kat remembers.

Amazingly, Kat rang her husband, mid-birth.

“I grabbed the phone and rang my husband and told him, ‘The head’s out!’”

Neil organised an ambulance as Kat put the phone down and gave another push, this time delivering her baby boy completely.

At this point, the friend she’d texted earlier arrived, greeted by a vision of newborn and mum! Amazing!

Doing well

Both Kat and baby Ryder were happy and healthy post-birth, the little boy weighing in at 6lb 13oz.

“It was an incredible experience but I felt sorry for my husband who’s been there for our other births and missed everything,” Kat said.

The pair were whisked off to hospital to deliver the placenta and are now happily catching up on things as a family of five.

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