Love Your Camera, love your snapshots

Angie Baxter baby and child photography

Angie Baxter child photography

Having a photographer for a husband means there’s no shortage of amazing baby photos at our place. But the shots I take of the kids when he’s not around can be a little ho-hum, despite the overwhelming cuteness of my subject matter! Somehow the pictures I take in my mind’s eye don’t ever seem to match what I see on the back of my camera. That’s why I like the idea of these Love Your Camera workshops.

Professional snapper Angie Baxter will show you how to take amazing photos of your kids that demand to be hung on the wall. So say goodbye to blurry pics with those annoying chopped-off heads or limbs and hello to stunning portraits and candid-style shots that will get you all teary-eyed every time you look at then. That’s right, she’s THAT good.

Angie Baxter baby and child photography

The day-long workshops will teach you how to actually work your SLR camera without resorting to the auto button (crazy, I know!) plus you’ll pick up tips and tricks about lighting, composition and all those other things that make professional snaps so, um, professional!

Love Your Camera workshops cost $225 and are scheduled for Canberra (July 3), Melbourne (July 10), August (July 20) and Sydney (July 25). Say cheese!

Angie Baxter baby and child photography

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