Lost your confidence because of thinning hair? Serioxyl from L’Oreal Professionnel can help

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When I was pregnant, my hair was everything the baby books said it would be: thick, luscious, shiny, and it grew at an amazing pace. If ever there was a consolation prize for knee-weakening nausea, my hair was it.

Then four months after my son was born, I began to notice hair appearing on the floor. When I brushed it, it came away in clumps. To say I was worried would be an understatement. I wondered if it would ever stop, or if it would ever come back.

Women don’t talk about it much, but worries like mine aren’t uncommon. Whether it’s because of hormonal changes from pregnancy, illness or nutritional deficiency, thinning is the biggest hair-related concern for Australian women, and studies show that 76 per cent of women suffer from it. That problem causes dramatic losses in confidence.

For men, thinning hair may be unwanted, but it’s accepted, and there’s a huge market of products to help. My grandma used to say, “a woman’s hair is her crowning glory”, which is a nice sentiment, but it’s exactly this kind of thinking that stigmatises women whose hair is thinning.

L’Oréal Professionnel is a brand with over 100 years’ experience developing professional quality products to help women have the best, most beautiful hair. True to its heritage, L’Oréal Professionnel developed Serioxyl, a professional intervention programme designed to give women back their confidence and combat the problem of thinning hair by stimulating faster hair growth. Unlike other products which cosmetically add volume or make your hair ‘feel thicker’, L’Oréal Professionnel say the technology in Serioxyl creates thicker, fuller hair by stimulating new hair growth – in fact, they say that in three months, you can grow up to 1700 new hairs!


Serioxyl comes in two kits: the Fuller Hair Kit 1 ($95) for natural hair, and the Fuller Hair Kit 2 ($95) for coloured hair. Each kit is comprised of a shampoo to clarify hair, a conditioner to add body, and a mousse to give hair volume. The products help stimulate hair growth and strengthen new and existing hair.

At the heart of the Serioxyl haircare regime is the Denser Hair Treatment serum ($60) which is formulated to boost hair density and prevent further thinning. It’s made to be applied daily, and is absorbed cleanly into the hair and scalp so no residue is left behind. In tests, after three months of daily use, subjects’ hair was denser with over 1700 new hairs growing.

If you’re suffering from thinning hair, take heart – try Serioxyl to boost your hair’s volume, and to boost your confidence. Serioxyl can be purchased at hair salons across Australia. Click here to locate your closest stockist.

(This is a sponsored post for L’Oréal Professionnel)

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