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Everyone know that books make lovely gifts for kids. How much more exciting then of a kid to receive a book all about themselves! We have found just the thing.

When I was a kid, I was given a personalised book for Christmas one year. It still sits in my memory as being so exciting that the book was all about me. I recently found the book, and the quality was, well, somewhat rustic. I  imagine that my mum spent quite some time filling in a little box form from a magazine, then posting it in and waiting for the book to arrive. Of course, it was totally worth it, but let’s face it, things like this are much easier with the internet, and the expected quality is so much higher.


The Lost My Name books do not disappoint. Created by a trio of dads and an uncle, the Lost My Name books are simply beautiful.

An adventure story of a child who has lost their name, they set off on a journey to find it, and in the meantime encounter a variety of animals who each share the first letter of their names with the child until they finally are ‘reunited’ with their name.


The book is printed in A4 landscape size on thick, environmentally friendly paper, and the illustrations are gorgeous. Currently, the books are being printed in the UK, so there is a three to four week turnaround.

A unique copy of The Girl Who Lost Her Name or The Boy Who Lost His Name costs $33.95 from Not In Shops and shipping is free.

Libby Smith

Libby Smith

Libby lives in Sydney with her husband, three children (plus one on the way) and dog. In a former life, she was a high school English and history teacher who loved going out for breakfast and spending holidays reading book after book. These days, Libby spends her time kid-wrangling, catching quiet moments with a coffee, trying to avoid taking the kids to the shops and, when time allows, getting lost in a good book or a spot of crochet.

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