Looking for that pot of gold…

Puzzles are not only great for brain development, whether it
be matching colours, sequencing shapes, recognising different sizes or problem
solving. Puzzles also provide a great opportunity for you to sit down and
interact with your child in a way that they will not only find fun, but will
help them to learn. 

The Wooden
is a great puzzle for children aged 2 and up. Made of solid
wood and made up in a rainbow of colours (pun intended!), it will also give
your child the opportunity to learn about balance, size, colour and sequencing
— all great concepts to further your child’s learning.

Sometimes the best toys are the simplest and when it comes
to puzzles, making sure it is age appropriate is important — there is no
point subjecting your child to the frustration of attempting to do something
that they are not yet ready to handle — feeling like they have
ëfailed’ won’t be fun for them or you. Patience and
encouragement are the way to go and puzzles like this will bring about a great
sense of achievement, equally important in their development.

 And the pot of gold? In the smile you’ll get from your
child when you tell them how clever they are.

is available online at Romp
for US$18 for small or US$28 for large excluding shipping costs to Australia.

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