The long and the short of it – help carry the bump in Solidea pregnancy shorts

It’s not until after your baby arrives that you begin to wonder just how that bundle of joy in your arms fit so neatly inside your tummy. While we can marvel at how we carry and nurture our children for the duration of pregnancy, carrying a growing baby is hard work and every mum-to-be will most likely experience some pain and discomfort. But medical-grade Solidea Pregnancy Shorts can help.

Compression shorts can do much more than provide support to a heavy bump. Solidea Pregnancy Shorts support the pelvic floor, reduce water retention, support the lower back and boost circulation, helping pregnant women feel more like themselves while their body changes.

Solidea has been helping mums in Australia for five years after capturing the attention of the international market 35 years ago.

Solidea is one of the few maternity ranges that offers medical grade compression, manufactured in a specialist factory in Italy. Sourced and distributed within Australia by mother-of-three Di Reynolds, the Solidea pregnancy range uniquely combines graded compression with fashion and quality.

solidea maternity shorts2

The number of glowing recommendations from health professionals are pouring in, meaning more mums are thinking about compression wear as a strategy to combat many common problems associated with pregnancy and post-birth recovery.

Compression in garments is measured in millimetres of mercury (mmHg). The higher the number, the higher the compression rating. Graduated and continuous compression at a level of 12mmHg or above, offers medical grade compression. It is important that the garment you choose has the medical compression listed on the box to ensure peace of mind.

Dr Suzana Kotevska is an obstetrician and gynaecologist at St Vincent’s Private Hospital in Melbourne and says the benefits of compression wear are becoming more accepted.

“I recommend my pregnant mums wear Solidea. The feel, comfort, support and compression offered by Solidea is exceptional for mums throughout all stages of pregnancy,” says Dr Kotevska.

Sheryl Cleaver, who has more than 30 years experience as a women’s health physiotherapist, treats pregnant and post-natal women for issues such as pelvic joint and back pain, incontinence and pelvic floor muscle pain and weakness.

Seeing patients daily within her practice and The Royal Women’s Hospital Melbourne, Sheryl believes that the compression rating is very important when recommending pregnancy compression garments.

“I have found that the medical compression allows great support for conditions like vulval varicosities, sacro-iliac and coccygeal pain,” she says.

“The quality of the Solidea range is much better than the other supports that I have previously recommended.”


The Solidea Pregnancy Shorts are designed to provide pain relief as well as support for the pelvic floor, upper back and upper thighs. Made of a specialist micro-massage wave knit, they fit like a second skin due to the anatomical shape and extra soft expandable tummy.

The even compression also promotes blood circulation, reduces water retention and even helps with cellulite. The soft non-constricting waistband band embraces your growing belly through each trimester while reducing lower back pressure.

Solidea also offers two types of Pregnancy Compression Stockings to reduce blood pooling and aching symptoms of varicose veins and swollen legs.

Once you have had your baby, slide on some Solidea Recovery Shorts to provide relief for post-delivery aches and pains and help you regain your pre-baby body even faster.

solidea recovery shorts

The compression level in the shorts helps to stimulate the abdominal muscles to regain core stability and assist with muscle separation. The compression helps speed up recovery with caesarean or perinal wound areas whilst supporting your back. The fabric does some micro-circulation which provides an effective mini massage to eliminate excess fluid.

All Solidea garments feel super light, are extremely breathable, comfortable for all climates and are barely visible under clothes.

The Solidea Pregnancy Shorts come in black, skin or white and the Solidea High Waist Recovery Shorts come in black and skin. Both styles are available online from Solidea.

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