Little Things Forever app unlocks a mesmerising tiny world

I spy with my little eye something that is owl-shaped, and made up of hundreds of tiny pictures. That’s the idea behind Little Things Forever, an immersive object-hunting app for iOS and Android.

Little Things Forever is a simple game with endless depth. It has three phases of gameplay, and all three involve hunting for the tiny objects that make up a beautiful larger picture.

In phase one, players get a list of objects to find. Find an object and tap it,  and the list gets shorter, and once the list is done, a puzzle piece is the prize to use later.

Phase two is timed. Players find as many objects on their list as possible in the allotted two minutes. When enough puzzle pieces have been won, phase three starts, in which a ever more complex puzzle needs to be solved. Finish the puzzle and there’s new picture to hunt in. My first new picture was a clownfish.

Although the game is for ages six to eight, with a bit of guidance and help with reading the list, Little Things Forever is perfect for the eagle eyes of kids aged three and up.

The images are well designed so they’re easily recognisable, and they hide cleverly in plain sight in the colour swirls of the bigger pictures. There are a few questionable search items though – what kid would recognise an old-school clickwheel iPod, let alone a cassette tape? I guess this game is one part puzzle, one part history lesson.

KlickTock is the company behind Little Things Forever, and it’s an Australian company that was founded by a game developer on a rural sheep farm on the outback. Sometimes the most interesting things spring up from the most unexpected places.

There’s a huge variety of images, and therefore hours of gameplay for kids, so the $4.49 price tag seems a bargain. You can buy Little Things Forever at the Apple Store or get it for free on Android at Google Play.

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