Little Tats for little Tots


I don’t often have any good ideas while folding my laundry but this clever Sydney Mum has and the result is Tat Your Tot. Based on removable character tattoos these little personalised lovelies help ensure your child has their details on them at all times when out and about and unlike the identity braclets they can’t take them off.

The Identatats come in a wide range of designs and can contain name, phone number and any relevant medical information. At $15.00 for 8 or $30.00 for 20 this is a small cost to put your mind at ease.

The Allergy Tattoos are a lifesaver at only $9.60 for 10 – perfect for outings in large gatherings or children’s parties to remind the host and other adults to be aware of your childs needs. They come in a range of allergies including wheat, eggs, nuts, bees and even cats.

The Party Time tattoos would be a perfect loot bag filler or why not have the birthday child place one on each guest as they arrive. For $1.25 each these can be personalised with your child’s name and the special birthday number. There are plenty of designs to choose from and they make a great keepsake of the day.

Tat Your Tot also offers a fundraising service to support your local community. Take a look around their website today at Tat Your Tot and place your order now.


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