Little Sprowtz – labour management in a box!


I rushed around in the final days of my first pregnancy gathering all the little things recommended to ease the pain of labour.
All the reading in the world could not have prepared me for what was to come, but small comforting mementos and things to focus my
thoughts on gave me some relief when the big day finally arrived. Now
Little Sprowtz have released a pack containing all the essentials, to
save you all the legwork!

It’s your own portable ‘midwife unit’ with products aimed at pain
diversion, your comfort and peace of mind during labour.
For pain diversion, the pack contains concentration balls, Mothers
Massage Essential Oil, massage ball, eight affirmation cards,
a soothing blend of essential oils and a focus frame.

I took a picture of
my beloved Burmese cats in with me – for you, it could be an
ultrasound picture or one of your other children or family.
For your comfort, there are cotton blend socks, glucose bites for
energy, a coloured washer, four hair elastics, and ‘Minty Calm’
lip balm to soothe dry lips and balance a queasy tummy.
peace of mind Little Sprowtz have included a support person and pain
management card, lovely chocolate brown tote bag and a Little
Sprowtz gift box keepsake.

This pack also provides a whole variety of methods
for empowerment during the birth experience and is also a helpful
framework for the support person to apply strategies when
the woman can no longer do so.

The creators have thought of everything, making it easy for you to gather up the pack in one gorgeous box, and have it handy
when that nerve-wracking and exciting time arrives! This makes a wonderfully unique gift for a mum to be and her support
partner as she approaches one of the most momentous occasions of life.

Available for $68 plus post from Metro Mum.

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