Little Red Stuga – a passion for play

Ingenious, chic and incredibly desirable are the words that came to mind when I first clicked on the Little Red Stuga website. I’m a sucker for children’s furniture or anything interior design related and the more innovative and unique, the better. I like the wow factor but it also has to be versatile.

I’d say Swedish company Little Red Stuga has accomplished that perfectly, designing and creating play pieces that will inspire children to express themselves creatively and help to manifest new experiences. Two new play items to debut this year are the ‘Play’ birch plywood screen pictured above and the ‘Buclo’ cloud modul, seen below.

Fashioned from birch plywood and velcro ribbons,  the ‘Play’ screen allows children personal space for play but is also perfect for hide ‘n seek or as side scenes for a puppet show. The possibilites are endless. The ‘Buclo’ modul comes in an array of colours and is shaped in the form of clouds or bushes or whatever little ones’ imaginations can come up with. They can also be used as comfy seats.

The ‘Kebnekaise’ beanbag from last year is also so cool. Kebnekaise is Sweden’s highest mountain and the beanbag is knitted to actually look like a snowy peaked mountain! Little ones can pretend to be expert rock climbers right in the living room.

All Little Red Stuga products are made in Sweden to the highest standards and you can purchase direct from Little Red Stuga. The ‘Play’ screen is priced at €216 (excluding VAT) with free shipping to Australia. The ‘Buclo’ and ‘Kebnekaise’ pieces are €112 and €132 respectively with postage to Australia starting at €14.40.


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