A little girl, a homeless man and the kind gesture that melted our hearts

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, just watch this tremendously moving footage. The kindness shown by a little girl when she spots a homeless man is well beyond her years, and a lesson in humanity for us all. 

Eddie Scott sits down to a meal with his daughter Ella, when she spots a homeless man sitting outside in the rain. Despite her young age, she’s aware that while only a few metres separate them, there’s an obviously huge chasm between their worlds. Her dad pulls out his phone to film what happens next:

My baby girl Ella learned an important lesson today – Help those less fortunate than you!! So proud of my girlFor licensing inquiries please contact licensing@junkinmedia.com Thank you!

Posted by Eddie Scott on Wednesday, 31 August 2016

While she’s a little hesitant, with just a small prompt from her dad, Ella takes her meal outside, and gives it to the obviously shocked man. As she’s handing over her meal, Eddie says, “This is my girl right here, I love her to bits.”

The homeless man looks back at Ella, as if trying to process what’s just happened, with Eddie commentating, “He’s like, ‘Oh my God, are you kidding me? I just got steak and potatoes!'”

Ella then returns to the table, and peers through her curly locks at the man as he eats her meal. “Ella, you’re amazing,” her father tells her. “I think you just made his day. I think you just made his week! How does that make you feel?” Eddie asks. “I like it,” Ella innocently responds.

Eddie writes below the video, which he posted to his Facebook page, that he’s been teaching Ella to do this since she was just three.

“I have had so many people help me in my life it’s so important that I give that lesson to my daughter.”

We completely agree – well done Ella, you’re a wonderful example to all of us.

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