Heroic child inspires Prince William to “have a conversation with my George”

Suzie McCash at the Pride of Britain Awards

Prince William attended the Pride of Britain Awards last week, and a meeting with a little girl inspired him to teach Prince George a life-saving skill.

Courageous kid

The royal dad-of-almost-three met five-year-old Suzie McCash at the event, as she stepped up to accept her Child of Courage award.

The prince found out that Suzie saved her mum’s life when she was only four years old. She called 999 and asked for help from emergency responders, after her mum collapsed and stopped breathing. She stayed on the phone and then opened the front door when the police arrived ahead of an ambulance.

Prince William was pretty gobsmacked by Suzie’s cleverness and bravery. He’d obviously not considered teaching his own kids what to do in an emergency (possibly due to being surrounded by staff and helpers all the gosh-darned time!) but was keen to learn from Suzie’s example.

Pride of Britain Award winner congratulated by Prince William

When Suzie McCash was just four, she saved her mum's life by calling 999 after she collapsed. Now, Suzie has won an award at The Pride of Britain Awards for her deeds, and at the ceremony she met Prince William who congratulated her and told her he was inspired to talk to Prince George about what to do in a similar situation.

Posted by ITV News Royals on Monday, 30 October 2017

4 year old girl saves mums life with 999 call

Listen to this extraordinary 4-year-old helping to save her GP mother's life by calling 999 after she collapsed from an allergic reaction. Suzie McCash has now been honoured with an outstanding bravery award by Northumbria Police.

Posted by Channel 4 News on Wednesday, 16 November 2016

“Did you save your mum?”

Prince William crouched down to be at eye level with the frocked-up and sneakered five-year-old and had the sweetest discussion about her brave act.

“Did you save your mum?” William asks Suzie.

“Yeah!” the little girl responds.

“How did you do that?”

“Well, it just came into my head, and I said to myself ‘How do I do the phone?’ I picked up the phone and called 999!” an obviously very proud Suzie explains.

“You saved mummy, and now mummy’s all better,” Wills confirms.

“Yeah,” she agrees.

“That’s the main thing,” William assures her.

“It was last year, when I was four,” she elaborates.

“I know you were four. You see, I have a four-year-old called George and if I gave him a telephone I do not know what he would do,” Prince William worried aloud.

“So you did brilliantly, you did exactly what you were meant to do. Do you know what? I’m going to have a conversation with my George about what to do because of what you’ve done. It’s really important,” he said earnestly, seriously impressed with Suzie’s proactive efforts.

Suzie’s bravery serves as a great reminder to teach our kids how to respond in an emergency. What a clever cute-face she is.

Paramedic Jamie Frend was reunited with 4 year old Suzie McCash at Backworth Ambulance Station this afternoon in view of…

Posted by North East Ambulance Service on Wednesday, 16 November 2016

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