Little boy’s lost toy takes the trip of a lifetime thanks to parent’s little white lie (and Photoshop)

Little white lies can sometimes come back to bite us. But for this family, the little white lie they told their son turned into an extreme adventure the whole family will cherish forever.

Come and see what happened when a little boy lost his favourite stuffed animal and his parents headed to the land of Reddit to ask for help.

lost toy1

A lost toy. A Reddit post. And an entire Internet of Photoshop warriors is all it took to turn one little boy’s frown upside down.

After a very upset little boy lost his beloved Elephant, his parents did what all great parents do in this circumstance – they made up a white lie to prevent even more tears.

No, the Elephant didn’t move to the farm like every childhood pet we ever had, but rather, he is touring the world. Or that’s what the parents told their son. Their mates then posted a picture on Reddit, calling on Photoshoppers to join them in their genius ploy.

lost toy2

It turns out a lot of people like Photoshop.

A lot.

lost toy 13

With more than 250 photo submissions via Bored Panda (and countless more via Reddit), the little elephant has literally been everywhere, man.

lost toy 11

lost toy cover

From Australia to Norway, from Cambodia to Easter Island, the grey nomad elephant has been photo-shopped in pretty much every situation imaginable.

lost toy3

lost toy 17

He’s even been to the moon, been immortalised in a famous painting and helped Wales into The Euro 2016’s Semi Finals.

lost toy 9

lost toy 15

Seriously, this stuffed toy is living the life travellers’ bucket lists are made of- posing in front of the Parthenon in Greece, touring the rivers in Italy, chilling with penguins in Antarctica and running with the bulls in Spain.

lost toy 16

lost toy 18

He has also met some pretty important people on his travels including US President Barrack Obama and Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (lucky elephant!)

lost toy 14

He even hitched a ride on the Titanic with Leo.

It’s so nice to see his heart will go on, even without his beloved owner by his side.

lost toy 19

lost toy4

Head over to Bored Panda to watch as the submissions roll in.

And also check out these Photoshop funnies including a little girl’s encounter with a peacock and this father’s creative newborn shoot.

lost toy5

And be sure to also read about some of the other travelling toys including the beloved toy teddy on the ultimate Aussie walkabout and the toy tiger who earned his Tiger Stripes in an airport adventure.

Travel on little dudes. For as long as there is Photoshop and lost toys, the adventures are bound to continue.

(via Bored Panda)

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