Listen to your unborn baby’s heartbeat with the Bellabeat app


There are literally hundreds of pregnancy tracking apps, but here’s one with a big point of difference. This system allows mums-to-be to listen to their unborn baby’s heartbeat and track its progress. And those of us who have been through pregnancy know how reassuring that sound can be.

I certainly wasn’t one of those relaxed pregnant women who breeze through the nine months without a care in the world. After an early scare with my first pregnancy, I was robbed of that blissful innocence. It set me up for months of nervousness and something like this app – while not completely eliminating my worries, or replacing the need for healthcare – may have put my mind somewhat at ease.


With this system pregnant women can listen to their unborn child’s heartbeat through their smartphone, and track data to follow the baby’s progress – like beats per minute, the number of times the baby kicks and the weight of the baby.


The Bellabeat Connected System not only allows pregnant women to listen to their unborn child’s heartbeat, but they can also share the information with family and friends, through social media or privately. The team behind Bellabeat says this type of at-home experience is set to become part of contemporary prenatal care.


Bellabeat includes sound visualisation, a tool for counting foetal movements, illustrations of foetal development and a tool for tracking pregnancy weight gain.


There’s even the opportunity to engage with other mums, through a social platform – Bellabeat Global. It’s a high-tech extension of mummy forums – allowing pregnant women to share their Bellabeat information.  The Bellabeat system tracking device will be available in Australia soon, and the app can be downloaded from iTunes.

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