Are Lil Baddits making the cutest EVER ethical fashion for kids?

We certainly think they’re a super-strong contender for raddest and most responsible kid’s fashion on the block! (With bonus baked beans and pickles!)

Putting people first

Ethics and sustainability are important considerations if you care about the planet and the happiness of other humans.

The 2013 Rana Plaza factory disaster in Bangladesh tragically opened our eyes to the terrible conditions many garment workers have to endure. We realised many of our favourite brands were making products in death-trap factories like the one involved.

Thankfully, things are changing. Companies are being more transparent about their supply chain and – much more importantly – they’re beginning to take the safety of workers and provisions for an adequate living wage more seriously.

We really hope this is more than a trend and that some day very soon everything we buy is made with the security and safety of other humans in mind.


Lil Baddits ethical kids clothing


Of course, many companies were making things safely and thoughtfully from the get-go. Nice guys like Lil Baddits, for instance.

This Sydney label’s responsible modus operandi goes a little something like this:

  • Organic fabrics
  • Unisex and gender neutral designs
  • Non-toxic inks used in prints
  • Plastic-free – from design through to store
  • Designed locally
  • Ethically made in India

Lil Baddits shorts and tee

With bonus adorable-ness!

Not only are Lil Baddits’ ethics something we can get excited about, they make gosh-darned, adorable kids’ things!

Baby leggings festooned with baked beans or pickles ($44.99)? Sign us up!

Onesies dotted with sardines ($39.99)? Two, please!

Lil Baddits onesies

Thoughtfully made

The brains behind the business was keen to do things differently and make something special that mums, dads and kids would love.

“I wanted to make something beautiful and fun that didn’t add to the world’s existing issues generated by fast fashion. I also wanted to make sure that this product was the best possible product I could make with the money and information I had at the time,” Lil Baddits’ founder says.

Lil Baddits are proof that it’s worth turning your back on fast fashion and endless discounting of questionable product, in favour of something gorgeous and thoughtfully made.

Nice work, Lil Baddits!

View the full Lil Baddits range here.

Lil Baddits little bean tee

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