Light up thirsty toddler nights with the Litecup



It’s a cup, it’s non-spill AND it’s a night light… pure genius!

I honestly can’t tell you how many nights my sleep has been punctured by the call of a toddler who is “so THIRSTY mum!” This plea is usually followed by me repeatedly stubbing my toe on my way to the kitchen to fetch said toddler a drink. Like many mums, I’m reticent to leave a cup of water beside my clumsy two-year-old’s bed, and even if I did, he’d still need my help to find it. What could be more ingenious than a non-spill cup, with a built-in nightlight? For sleep-deprived parents, it’s pure brilliance!


The Litecup has an easy flow seal with a non-spill lid. The base lights up with a warm glow – the automatic sensor means it turns on when it’s dark, and off again when it’s light. And it only gets better, it comes apart for easy cleaning, is dishwasher safe and BPA free.


The LED light lasts for up to three months of continuous use, and replacement litebases are available for $6. The Litecup is $18, and comes in seven different colours, and you can get your hands on one through Sukimama.

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