Life in the fast lane

Leave the pram in the car and take happier children on outings. Sound fun? That’s the whole idea with a Skuut bike.

Skuut is a wooden bike for children ages two to five. It has no pedals and no training wheels. Children kick off the ground as if running, thus pushing or ìskoot-ingî themselves and the bike forward. The Skuut is perfect for learning balance, steering, coordination and independence. Having mastered balance on the Skuut, the transition to a traditional two wheeler bike is usually easier (there is no need for training wheels).

Skuut was designed in San Francisco by Peter Emblad, an emergency room doctor with two small children. It  has won numerous awards for it’s design, which promotes good balance and an active lifestyle for kids. Check the US site for videos of the bike in action.

They are particularly good for kids with special needs, as the lack of pedals make them much easier to ride than a regular bike. Sam from Skuut Australia has information on her website about the Skuut’s particular benefits for special kids. She is an amazing woman and is singlehandedly trying to spread the benefits of Skuut to as many kids as possible by importing them into Australia. She has personally had them tested for lead and is even donating $20 for each bike sold to clients of Novita, Down Syndrome SA, or Autism SA.

Visit Skuut to purchase the bike and your child will feel that much closer to being a ìbig kidî. The bike costs $229 including GST and delivery anywhere in Australia. You can even pimp out your Skuut with some multicoloured Tyre Valve Lights from Dick Smith Electronics for $9.98.

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