Libby’s five favourite posts

One of the awesome things about working at Babyology is the chance to discover amazing new products before everyone else. This may not be great for the bank account, and in fact, a quick look back at the past twelve months has reminded me of the things I still really want to order!

By far one of the most clever creations I’ve discovered is the OmieBox. A perfect combination of a bento-style lunchbox and a thermal container, it was funded by Kickstarter and now you can order your very own OmieBox from OmieLife. New stock is not due in until August, to coincide with the back-to-school season in the US, but this is a product that will make providing healthy lunches for your kids that are actually eaten so much easier.

Emel shoes

Always a sucker for cute baby shoes, the gorgeous collection from Emel Shoes had me dreaming of covering my baby’s tootsies in quality, handmade leather shoes. Those patent red boots! I’m still drooling.

beco gemini grey

I actually own a Beco Gemini baby carrier, and it is without a doubt one of the best baby purchases I ever made. I have one in a very girly print, which has been ideal for my girls, but with number four on the way being a boy, I can’t help but find myself perusing their Facebook page for the upcoming new prints.


I’m always on the lookout for toys that inspire creativity, are lovely to look at and can be played with either by themselves or in collaboration with other toys we already own, and the Tanabata Star Dominoes fulfil all these requirements. Additionally, they are the sort of toy that my 1-year-old, my 3-year-old and my 6-year-old would all happily play with together and that is worth it for the peace and quiet alone!

NewYork SUYN 1

The last on my list of favourites is actually a Show Us Your Nursery post. Lucky Brody and Harper live in New York City, and the siblings share a tiny bedroom. Having had two of my kids share a room the size of a shoebox before, I was wowed by the creativity of their mum, Lauren, in putting together a functional, funky and unisex room for two in a space that would barely fit a single bed. With the need for a unisex shared bedroom a reality in my house soon, I’ll be keeping this post bookmarked for inspiration!

Libby Smith

Libby Smith

Libby lives in Sydney with her husband, three children (plus one on the way) and dog. In a former life, she was a high school English and history teacher who loved going out for breakfast and spending holidays reading book after book. These days, Libby spends her time kid-wrangling, catching quiet moments with a coffee, trying to avoid taking the kids to the shops and, when time allows, getting lost in a good book or a spot of crochet.

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