Letters to Santa that will make you laugh and cry

There’s nothing quite like those gorgeous, handwritten notes the kids scribble – pleading, begging and negotiating for gifts. Or those sweet words that can only come from the minds of innocent children. Just have a look at these hilarious, and touching notes from children to Santa.

Kids really do say the darndest things. They also write the darndest things to Santa.

Honesty is the best policy

santa letters

santa letters2

When you can’t be good, just be good at being bad.

Let’s play 20 questionssanta letters1

Because we’ve all wanted to know if Santa uses our toilet.

Speaking of toilets

santa letters7

How ’bout it Santa?

Better pony-up Santa

santa letters6

That’s one angry looking small horse.

Be scared

santa letters8

Be very scared.

Get yourself organised Santa

santa letters9

Because there’s nothing worse.

Out of the mouths of babes

santa letters3

santa letters4

If only.

We’re about to finish on a high note – so get your tissues handy. Kids truly have the biggest hearts, just take a look at this thank you note:

santa letters10

If you need any more incentive to get the kids penning their letters, take a look at our five reasons your kids should write a letter to Santa.

(Images courtesy Flickr: bunnylounge, Instagram: chemteacher1987, Katie Odom, GoLoz.com, Salt Lake County Youth Services and GossipNess)

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