“Let’s just get the job done!” 8-year-old boy delivers his baby sister

Marcus Caffery

Wolverhampton mum Jodie Griffin was home alone with her toddler, Alexander, and 8-year-old son Marcus when she went into labour. She needn’t have worried though, Marcus was more than capable of getting his mum and new baby sister, Freya, sorted out!

An English ambulance service has released a recording of the emergency 999 call Jodie made when she realised the baby was coming, and it’s a total testament to the little boy’s bravery and determination.

Not only did Marcus cast aside any squeamishness he may have felt about assisting at this very speedy birth, he began to deliver his baby sister while the paramedics were en route.

Marcus has since detailed the amazing delivery in a series of drawings and spoke to the BBC about how he helped his mum and what happened during the 999 call on November 13.

Push it real good

“Marcus, can you come here please,” Jodie asks as she clutches the phone. It’s clear to the operator that the birth is imminent and she’s suggested Marcus step in to assist.

“Hello is this Marcus?” the operator asks after Jodie hands her little boy the phone.

Marcus responds and begins to take instruction on how to help his mum give birth.

“When she’s pushing and making a noise, you need to tell me if you can see the baby’s head,” the 999 operator explains.

“I just see this green stuff. I can’t see any type of head,” Marcus advises calmly.

Seconds later things begin to progress.

“Oh, now I can see a head now!” Marcus exclaims urgently.

The amazing ambulance service operator is encouraging and kind.

“Just make sure the baby doesn’t come out too quickly. When the baby’s head comes out, gently wipe the mouth and nose clean,” she says.

“I can see the top of the head but the mouth or the nose haven’t come out yet,” Marcus tells her, as Jodie labours in the background.

“Your mum is doing really well and you’re being really brave as well,” the operator says, reassuring the little boy.

Getting the job done

Marcus was remarkably matter-of-fact when he spoke to BBC Midlands about his birth-assistant experience.

“Shortly after the shoulders came out, and the neck and the rest of the face,” he said.

“And then, just after the top half had come out, the paramedics came and took over!”

Marcus revealed he had a bit of a game plan about how to handle the unscheduled event.

“I kind of was thinking just, get this done quickly, hope the paramedics get here soon and then I’ll just go in with Alexander and keep him quiet. Let’s just get the job done.”

Mum Jodie could not be more proud of her son’s excellent effort.

“He did absolutely brilliantly.  He was so calm and collected, looking after his little brother and reading him a story,” she marvelled.

Sorry not sorry

Marcus told the Birmingham Mail’s Nick McCarthy that the experience was pretty scary and surreal, and had not encouraged him to pursue a career in medicine.

“When it started happening it was really frightening and scary. I just got on with it because I needed to do this and I couldn’t leave her on her own,” Marcus said.

“It felt very weird, because it was happening in my own house and because this wasn’t like another baby – this was my own sister.”

“People are saying when I grow up I should be a paramedic or a midwife, but I’m going to be an astronomer. I want nothing to do with that again, I am not delivering babies.”

Jodie and husband David Caffery are now getting used to life with baby Freya, a (now viral) sibling for Marcus and Alexander.

Beautiful job, Marcus and Jodie!

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