Letron – the car that’s a real life, life-sized robot in disguise!

Real life transforming robot! Real life transforming robot car!! What more is there to say?


The Letron is every robot-loving kid’s dream come true. Invented by a group of engineers who didn’t want to grow up, it’s a remote control car that turns into an enormous robot and back again.

The transformation is pretty spectacular to watch, and it seems like the designers who came up with the final look of the robots have been doodling robot pictures since they were kids.


There are four robots, all fashioned from real cars. Bizmut is a broad-shouldered blue mod. Argon has an expressive face. Tantal is steel grey and beefy, and the orange, spiky shouldered Wolfram isn’t the sort of robot you’d want to meet in a dark alley at night.


Want one? They’re for sale, but you have to be approved to buy one by the Letrons team. The cars aren’t drivable in traffic yet, nor can you sit in the car while it’s transforming into a robot, but we imagine that’s next on the priority list.

While you’re getting into the Transformer mood, take another look at our post at this incredible Transfomer cake.

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