Let’s get loud

My three-year-old has something incredibly strange going on with his ears. They work perfectly if someone opens the cookie jar in the kitchen, even from three rooms away. But ask him to put away his shoes or pack up his Lego and bang! — deaf as a post. Of course, there’s nothing really wrong with his hearing, but just wait until he’s old enough to discover his dad’s iPod, his PS2 or some other din-producing gadget.

That’s where these nifty children’s headphones from Ultimate Ear come in. The Loud Enough headphones are designed to protect little eardrums from the ravages of loud music and loud video games. They’ll even plug in to your portable dvd player. Your kids can listen as much as they like without turning that annoying selective deafness into the real thing. It’s all thanks to the in-built noise protection device that limits any sound source to less than half of its maximum volume. Clever? We think so. They are PVC free and even come with a set of extra small ear buds to fit pint-sized ears.

Loud Enough headphones are marketed as suitable for kids aged six and up. They are going to be available in Australia next week at Try & Byte for $59.95, you can pre-order then now so you don’t miss out.

(via Gizmodo )


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