Let it go: Disney just announced a release date for Frozen 2

Frozen film

Just when we thought we’d finally got ‘Let It Go’ out of our heads, it’s been confirmed the film that made Elsa and Anna household names will return to our screens with even more icy adventures!

Frozen forecast

The good folk at Disney Animation Studios took to Twitter to announce the release date and the entire world cheered approvingly.

“Frozen 2 is coming to theaters November 27, 2019!” Disney trumpeted, triumphantly.

Oh hurrah!

That’s only 945 days away, everybody, and a whopping six years after the release date of the original Frozen. *drums fingers*

Granted it is quite a long time to wait, and some children who were fans of the first Frozen may have outgrown the franchise and possibly be learning to drive or mix cocktails by then. Others, however, will be awaiting number two with bated breath and sparkly princess outfits at the ready, unperturbed.

Reunited and it feels so good?

Cast and crew for Frozen 2 are still officially under wraps, however Kristen Bell aka the voice of Anna shared the Frozen release date forecast on her Twitter account and we think this means she’s fully signed up.

Adding weight to this theory, Kristen had previously shared her excitement for a chilly reprise, posting a pic of herself snuggled up to a bag of ice in March 2015 with the caption “Dreams really do come 2!!! #FROZEN2 #itsofficial”

Surely that means she’s Anna-ing again, right?

It’s not just Kristen that’s aligning herself to the second Frozen film. The voice of Elsa, Idina Menzel, also tweeted the Frozen 2 very-far-away date news (adding to the very-drawn-out excitement!)

Heck, even Olaf was in in the it’s a date announcement (that’s Josh Gad, if you’re playing at home) that this thing really is happening.

We’re prematurely taking that as unequivocal confirmation the Frozen band are indeed getting back together. 

Are you super-excited for Frozen 2?!

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